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    The Roman and the Teuton
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    The Roman and the Teuton

    by Charles Kingsley

    Book Description

    Charles Kingsley was a 19th century British novelist. Kingsley became a minister before becoming a Professor of Modern History at the University of Cambridge. "The Roman and the Teuton" was a series of lectures delivered before the University of Cambridge and later published in 1864. It is one of Kingsley's most popular works. This book highly praises the Germanic power and derides the Latin civilization. The contents includes a Preface by Professor F. Max Muller -- The Forest Children -- The Dying Empire -- Preface to Lecture III -- The Human Deluge -- The Gothic Civilizer -- Dietrich's End -- The Nemesis of the Goths -- Paulus Diaconus -- The Clergy and the Heathen -- The Monk a Civilizer -- The Lombard Laws -- The Popes and the Lombards -- The Strategy of Prividence Appendix: Inaugural Lecture: The Limits of Exact Science as Applied to History.

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