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    For Mark Twain's Jubilee

    by Andrew Lang
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    To brave Mark Twain, across the sea,
    The years have brought his jubilee;
    One hears it half with pain,
    That fifty years have passed and gone
    Since danced the merry star that shone
    Above the babe, Mark Twain!

    How many and many a weary day,
    When sad enough were we, 'Mark's way'
    (Unlike the Laureate's Mark's)
    Has made us laugh until we cried,
    And, sinking back exhausted, sighed,
    Like Gargery, Wot larx!

    We turn his pages, and we see
    The Mississippi flowing free;
    We turn again, and grin
    O'er all Tom Sawyer did and planned,
    With him of the Ensanguined Hand,
    With Huckleberry Finn!

    Spirit of mirth, whose chime of bells
    Shakes on his cap, and sweetly swells
    Across the Atlantic main,
    Grant that Mark's laughter never die,
    That men, through many a century,
    May chuckle o'er Mark Twain!
    If you're writing a For Mark Twain's Jubilee essay and need some advice, post your Andrew Lang essay question on our Facebook page where fellow bookworms are always glad to help!

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