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    To Robert Louis Stevenson

    by Andrew Lang
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    O Louis! you that like them maist,
    Ye're far frae kelpie, wraith, and ghaist,
    And fairy dames, no unco chaste,
    And haunted cell.
    Among a heathen clan ye're placed,
    That kensna hell!

    Ye hae nae heather, peat, nor birks,
    Nae trout in a' yer burnies lurks,
    There are nae bonny U.P. kirks,
    An awfu' place!
    Nane kens the Covenant o' Works
    Frae that o' Grace!

    But whiles, maybe, to them ye'll read
    Blads o' the Covenanting creed,
    And whiles their pagan wames ye'll feed
    On halesome parritch;
    And syne ye'll gar them learn a screed
    O' the Shorter Carritch.

    Yet thae uncovenanted shavers
    Hae rowth, ye say, o' clash and clavers
    O' gods and etins--auld wives' havers,
    But their delight;
    The voice o' him that tells them quavers
    Just wi' fair fright.

    And ye might tell, ayont the faem,
    Thae Hieland clashes o' our hame
    To speak the truth, I takna shame
    To half believe them;
    And, stamped wi' Tusitala's name,
    They'll a' receive them.

    And folk to come ayont the sea
    May hear the yowl o' the Banshie,
    And frae the water-kelpie flee,
    Ere a' things cease,
    And island bairns may stolen be
    By the Folk o' Peace.
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