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    A Spiritual Woman

    by D.H. Lawrence
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    Close your eyes, my love, let me make you blind;
    They have taught you to see
    Only a mean arithmetic on the face of things,
    A cunning algebra in the faces of men,
    And God like geometry
    Completing his circles, and working cleverly.

    I'll kiss you over the eyes till I kiss you blind;
    If I can--if any one could.
    Then perhaps in the dark you'll have got what you want to find.
    You've discovered so many bits, with your clever eyes,
    And I'm a kaleidoscope
    That you shake and shake, and yet it won't come to your mind.
    Now stop carping at me.--But God, how I hate you!
    Do you fear I shall swindle you?
    Do you think if you take me as I am, that that will abate you
    Somehow?--so sad, so intrinsic, so spiritual, yet so cautious, you
    Must have me all in your will and your consciousness--
    I hate you.
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