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    In Obitum

    by Christopher Marlowe
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    In obitum honoratissimi viri, Rogeri Manwood, militis,
    Quæstorii Reginalis Capitalis Baronis

    First printed by Payne Collier (History of the English Stage, etc.
    p. xliv.--prefixed to the first vol. of his Shakespeare) from a MS. on the
    back of the title-page of a copy of Hero and Leander, ed. 1629, where
    it is subscribed with Marlowe's name.


    NOCTIVAGI terror, ganeonis triste flagellum,
    Et Jovis Alcides, rigido vulturque latroni,
    Urnâ subtegitur. Scelerum, gaudete, nepotes!
    Insons, luctificâ sparsis cervice capillis,
    Plange! fori lumen, venerandæ gloria legis,
    Occidit: heu, secum effœtas Acherontis ad oras
    Multa abiit virtus. Pro tot virtutibus uni,
    Livor, parce viro; non audacissimus esto
    Illius in cineres, cujus tot millia vultus
    Mortalium attonuit: sic cum te nuntia Ditis
    Vulneret exsanguis, feliciter ossa quiescant,
    Famaque marmorei superet monumenta sepulcri.

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