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    by J. M. Synge
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    Bring Kateen-beug and Maurya Jude
    To dance in Beg-Innish,
    And when the lads (they're in Dunquin)
    Have sold their crabs and fish,
    Wave fawny shawls and call them in,
    And call the little girls who spin,
    And seven weavers from Dunquin,
    To dance in Beg-Innish.

    I'll play you jigs, and Maurice Kean,
    Where nets are laid to dry,
    I've silken strings would draw a dance
    From girls are lame or shy;
    Four strings I've brought from Spain and France
    To make your long men skip and prance,
    Till stars look out to see the dance
    Where nets are laid to dry.

    We'll have no priest or peeler in
    To dance in Beg-Innish;
    But we'll have drink from M'riarty Jim
    Rowed round while gannets fish,
    A keg with porter to the brim,
    That every lad may have his whim,
    Till we up sails with M'riarty Jim
    And sail from Ben-Innish.
    If you're writing a Beg-Innish essay and need some advice, post your J. M. Synge essay question on our Facebook page where fellow bookworms are always glad to help!

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