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    A Scrap Of Curious History
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    A Scrap Of Curious History

    by Mark Twain
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    • Category: Essays
    • Average Rating: 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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    Average Rating (3.0)
    Review of A Scrap Of Curious History by Mark Twain
    3.0 out of 5
    Abolitionist Ain't the Klan
    This is a strange little story. It's clever and well told, but it is odd that Mark Twain holds up the abolitionists as a violent, secretive group -- terrorists, really. John Brown, alone among abolitionists, attacked slavery with a violence equal to that of slavery, itself. The rest of the abolitionists, almost universally, used non-violent means to undermine slavery. Yet, here in this story they are painted with the trappings and methods of the Klan. Mark Twain came a long way in his understanding of race, from a family that participated in the institution of slavery to a brilliant critic of it; it's possible this story simply reflects the overwhelming bias against the abolitionists from the time of his youth. I just produced an audio version of the story at if you'd like to take a listen. Either way, I consider this a near miss for Twain.
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    on June 11, 2011
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