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    Silentium Amoris

    by Oscar Wilde
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    As often-times the too resplendent sun
    Hurries the pallid and reluctant moon
    Back to her sombre cave, ere she hath won
    A single ballad from the nightingale,
    So doth thy Beauty make my lips to fail,
    And all my sweetest singing out of tune.

    And as at dawn across the level mead
    On wings impetuous some wind will come,
    And with its too harsh kisses break the reed
    Which was its only instrument of song,
    So my too stormy passions work me wrong,
    And for excess of Love my Love is dumb.

    But surely unto Thee mine eyes did show
    Why I am silent, and my lute unstrung;
    Else it were better we should part, and go,
    Thou to some lips of sweeter melody,
    And I to nurse the barren memory
    Of unkissed kisses, and songs never sung.
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