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    Urbs Sacra Aeterna

    by Oscar Wilde
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    Rome! what a scroll of History thine has been;
    In the first days thy sword republican
    Ruled the whole world for many an age's span:
    Then of the peoples wert thou royal Queen,
    Till in thy streets the bearded Goth was seen;
    And now upon thy walls the breezes fan
    (Ah, city crowned by God, discrowned by man!)
    The hated flag of red and white and green.
    When was thy glory! when in search for power
    Thine eagles flew to greet the double sun,
    And the wild nations shuddered at thy rod?
    Nay, but thy glory tarried for this hour,
    When pilgrims kneel before the Holy One,
    The prisoned shepherd of the Church of God.

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