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    A Girl's Garden

    by Robert Frost
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    A neighbor of mine in the village

    Likes to tell how one spring
    When she was a girl on the farm, she did
    A childlike thing.

    One day she asked her father
    To give her a garden plot
    To plant and tend and reap herself,
    And he said, "Why not?"

    In casting about for a corner
    He thought of an idle bit
    Of walled-off ground where a shop had stood,
    And he said, "Just it."

    And he said, "That ought to make you
    An ideal one-girl farm,
    And give you a chance to put some strength
    On your slim-jim arm."

    It was not enough of a garden
    Her father said, to plow;
    So she had to work it all by hand,
    But she don't mind now.

    She wheeled the dung in a wheelbarrow
    Along a stretch of road;
    But she always ran away and left
    Her not-nice load,

    And hid from anyone passing.
    And then she begged the seed.
    She says she thinks she planted one
    Of all things but weed.

    A hill each of potatoes,
    Radishes, lettuce, peas,
    Tomatoes, beets, beans, pumpkins, corn,
    And even fruit trees.

    And yes, she has long mistrusted
    That a cider-apple
    In bearing there today is hers,
    Or at least may be.

    Her crop was a miscellany
    When all was said and done,
    A little bit of everything,
    A great deal of none.

    Now when she sees in the village
    How village things go,
    Just when it seems to come in right,
    She says, "I know!

    "It's as when I was a farmer..."
    Oh never by way of advice!
    And she never sins by telling the tale
    To the same person twice.
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