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    On Seeing the Elgin Marbles for the First Time
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    On Seeing the Elgin Marbles for the First Time

    by John Keats
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    My spirit is too weak; mortality
    Weighs heavily on me like unwilling sleep,
    And each imagined pinnacle and steep
    Of godlike hardship tells me I must die
    Like a sick eagle looking at the sky.
    Yet 'tis a gentle luxury to weep,
    That I have not the cloudy winds to keep
    Fresh for the opening of the morning's eye.
    Such dim-conceived glories of the brain
    Bring round the heart an indescribable feud;
    So do these wonders a most dizzy pain,
    That mingles Grecian grandeur with the rude
    Wasting of old Time -with a billowy main,
    A sun, a shadow of a magnitude.
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