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    The Adventures of Ulysses
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    The Adventures of Ulysses

    by Charles Lamb

    Book Description

    OF THE THE ADVENTURES OF ULYSSES. BY CHARLES LAMB. EDITED, WITH NOTES, FOR SCHOOLS. CONTENTS. CHAPTER I. The Cicons. The Fruit of the Lotos-tree. Polyphemus and the Cyclops. The Kingdom of the Winds, and God Boluss PAGE Fatal Present. The Lsestrygonian Man-eaters 1 CHAPTER II. The House of Circe. Men changed into Beasts. The Voyage to the Underworld. The Banquet of the Dead 15 CHAPTER III. The Songs of the Sirens. Scylla and Charybdis. The Oxen of the Sun. The Judgment. The Crew killed by Light- ning CHAPTER IV. The Island of Calypso. Immortality Refused 42 CHAPTER V. The Tempest. The Sea-birds Gift. The Escape by Swim- ming. The Sleep in the Woods 47 CHAPTER VI. The Princess Nausicaa. The Washing. The Game with the Ball. The Court of Phaeacia and King Alcinous .... 54 31 CONTENTS. CHAPTER VII. The Songs of Demodocus. The Convoy Home. The Mariners Transformed to Stone. The Young Shepherd 62 CHAPTER VIII. The Change from a King to a Beggar. Eumaeus and the Herdsmen. Telemachus 73 CHAPTER IX. The Queens Suitors. The Battle of the Beggars. The Armor taken down. The Meeting with Penelope CHAPTER X. The Madness from Above. The Bow of Ulysses. The Slaughter. The Conclusion 100 89 HOMER AND. THE ODYSSEY. AN antique bust represents Homer as a blind, venerable man, his forehead radiantwith high thoughts, his face worn with the fervor of their long strain and stress. That likeness, and a few traditions, tell us all that we know of the great poet. When he was born, or where, or how he lived, axe mys- teries which we cannot hope to solve. The utmost we can learn is that he was a native of some part of Greece, and that upwards of a thousand years before Christ he was known as the singer siege ofTroy and of the adventures of Ulysses, of the in a country where books had not yet begun to be nay, where there was yet no art of writing and no alphabet even, but where the poet wandered from place to place, reciting his moving verses, as the Egyptian Arabs still recite the stories of the Arabian Nights, to groups of wondering listeners sitting in a circle round their campfires on the sands. The legends which have come down to us describe the Poet as poor as well as blind, and as one whose greatness, like that of Shakespeare, was not fully recognized till after he was gone, so that the familiar lines may, perhaps, be true, which say Seven wealthy towns contend for Homer dead, Through which the living Homer begged his bread. VI HOMER AND THE ODYSSEY. It has been conjectured, with apparent good reason, that he must have at one time known what battles were from experience, or he could not have described the con- tests of the Greeks and Trojans with such vivid power and that he must also have roamed through many lands. or he could not have given us such a picture of the jour- neyings and exploits of Ulysses. Some have even supposed that in the hero of the Odys- sey we have the best portrait of Homer himself. If so, we know that he was not simply a poet, but, like Ulysses, a man of many resources and many devices a sort of Greek Yankee, always equal to the occasion, who could fight, sujg, or flatter his way through all difficulties, and was sure of success in the end. To understand and enjoy this little book of Charles Lambs, one must know something of what precedes it. Within a few years an indefatigable German, digging in the soil of Asia Minor on a part of the coast not far from thestraits of Dardanelles, has brought to light not only extensive ruins, but also arms and jewels...

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